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Well done Very professional yet findrely/easy going. I played violin in 5th grade but didn't continue because lessons were too expensive for my family. Just the same, lessons are too expensive for me now. I look forward to practicing with your videos, after 16 years of holding on to my violin, now I get to relearn it. Thank you.


To think, I was confused a mintue ago.


That is so full of win. I need one of those to pull out when one of my students is going on and on about some polrbem they have that they brought upon themselves but still believe entitles them to an extension or some other things-I-don't-give.I could pull it out, and they'd say, What's that? And I would say, It's the tiniest violin in the world .


I finally let my osledt daughter "take a break" from the violin because she struggled with many of the same things. She loved the idea of being able to make music with it, but hated practicing in front of me (too much of a perfectionist) and being corrected. We discovered that when she could practice along with a CD that demonstrated what it should sound like she did much better. The CD apparently doesn't sound as judgemental as Mommy ;-).She decided that when it stops being fun, she'll stop for a while and pick it up again when the desire to play overwhelms her. Many good thoughts coming your way and Riley's!


Hi,Oh, man this is hard. I hope she keeps trying too.This may not help at all to know, but I was once a litlte kid learning to play the violin, too. Granted, I did not have the same challenges as your daughter, but I was perfectionistic, anxious, lacked gross motor control, and so angry that I could not do it right. I cried and cried. I can't count the number of times that I threw myself down on the bed, yelling to my mom that I couldn't do it, wouldn't ever be able to do it, and wanted to quit. And not just the first year, either...many, many times after that.And now, 20 years later...I'm so glad that she didn't let me quit. It was a struggle for a long time. Violin is a challenging instrument, period. As a teacher, I've seen a lot of emotional litlte kids go through this very same thing, extra challenges or no. I can't tell you what's right for your daughter, or tell you what decision to make. Sometimes, it's not worth it. You are obviously a great and loving mom, and I know you will do the right thing. But I want to encourage you not to give up on her, either. Don't make it a battle, but don't give up yet. I think the violin has made all violinists melt down at one time or another, no matter what our age. And hey - if she decides she doesn't want to, right now or ever, it's ok. There are other instruments, and there will be other chances.


If you can learn to tune the violin by ylrsueof (keeping it in tune) and take care of rosining the bow. Then come back and ask the question. You are not going to learn the basics of violin on the internet. Get help for the first 6 months and then make a decision.Good Luck


Hi, I'm a visitor from EntreCard.You must have had a blast at the fsvtieal. I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old (we won't bother to think about how many years ago that was!) and I went to many fsvtieals like that both as a participant and as a spectator and they were always such fun!


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