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cheapest possible for viloin should be 35 an hour for a certified teacher. Some lessons go up to 90 an hour haha. But overall, a good teacher will need at least 40 an hour. The only certified teacher i had i had for 4 years and it was 50 an hour. Before that, a college student taught me for 35 an hour. You should rent a viloin. USUALLY teachers dont just have viloins for students to borrow. Also, if you want to buy a viloin, basically you WANT to buy a used viloin because they are better and more expensive (if hand made and is kept up well). However, maybe if it's a beginner viloin, used will definitely be cheaper. Reading music before you start taking lessons would be a good idea just because you can start off running with a teacher. If not, you would just start off a little slower.


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The idea is rellay, rellay cool. The idea of using gestures instead of a mouse is brilliant, but it is so far off that the original idea of computers. They were clunky and hard to use, and you couldn't ever use a word-processing program. You had to BUILD one. Imagining a world without bitmapped displays and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) is hard. Now we are on the verge of waving our arms in front of a screen to see an other x-ray. That's so cool. But there are several things about this that are not. The fact that the kinect sensor is very clunky and big. It didn't look right on top of a chair or on top of a gray-colored screen. The kinect sensor itself could be sized down and placed as built in hardware on a screen, and the screen itself tilts. That would work. But instruments going obsolete?Never going to happen. There is something about playing an actual instrument that is quite amazing. The strings pluck and there is resistance against your finger, or air blowing into a tube and sound it makes, or the beating of the drum against your hands. It just wouldn't be the same. Here's one fact (the rest are opinions/facts stewed in). Microsoft is developing a kinect for Windows and this may very well happen.

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Melody end is pitched to the same octave as the fiddle and flute and blends nicely with them. There are other types of notes though these are less common. Octaves is a popular scale to warmup for intermediate to advance.

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