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Hey Mr. Sims,well, well, well, amazing what we finds on the inentretsss!!Greetings from Randy Towner (yeah, that guy). Haven't seen ya'll since at least 1995 or so in Champaign.I'm down with the D-Puss; Keep on Rockin! Sounds cool!Hey, if you reunion boys make it to Denver, I'll put ya up. Been living here for the past 9 years now. Left Champaign for work and such Have a fun summer! Show them kids how one rocks!My personal set list vote would be for Whirl .Randy Towner


ahh Toronto, have great trip. Make sure to stop by the important store in Air Canada as for cats, I jsut think they know that the world rleovve around them so no need to worry about anyone but them. We're all their servants, right?


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Even children bound for the finest music schools in the country and trained in the Suzuki Method (pretty conservative from a musical standpoint) did not and would not ask such a question.

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