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Hello, I'm interested in your miedeval pipes. A couple of quesitons what Keys can you make them in? I'd be interested in keys other than A.I'd also like to know if you can do different types of fingering, such as open fingering, like on a recorder.


This? Was awesome. OK, maybe not muiacsl-genius awesome, more Hello Rima awesome, but as a pianist who committed adultery briefly with the violin, I know which one is much harder to play. To play a violin without making people grimace you have to become Vanessa Mae over a period of about 20 years. My parents, who had encouraged me to play violin to develop my muiacsl ear', or something, allowed me to quit violin when I was five without putting up any kind of fight. Speaking as a former expert in sending people running for the hills to escape the sound of my playing' I say well done! You actually sounded pretty good.Nicb4s last [type] ..


The teacher will praobbly be thrilled that your son was accepted by the more prominent instructor. I know that my goal is for my students to all surpass me, and moving on to more advanced instructors is part of the process. I would not put it in the terms of leaving the first instructor as much as I would stress that you are sharing the happy news that your son has been accepted at the higher level thanks to the ifrst instructor's help and support.The gift and the notice is still a good idea, as is making sure to recommend the first instructor to other students at every opportunity. Be sure and invite that instructor to recitals and concerts and try to maintain a relationship if at all possible. We all like to see even our former students doing well.


So far I am only making them in A. I have plans to make other keys ablliavae in the future.The fingering can be made to suite the player with either modern Highland pipe fingering or open fingering ablliavae the most common. With highland fingering the ablliavae scale is G, A, B, c, c#, d, e, f, f#, g, g#, a with A' being the tonic note and the scale set up in mixolydian. An open finger scale would need to be tuned to the desired mode. If the mode uses a major scale then you could use cross fingering to flatten the third and sixth notes (c# and f#) to get a major scale. The typical German Medieval bagpipe fingering is open with a minor third, major sixth, and major 7th but they are set up to give you a minor 7th and 6th with cross-fingering . That's a seriously brief run down but I hope you get the idea! Just ask if you have any more questions.


I only played the Clairnet for a few years in elenemtary school. Ethan plays the piano now. I WISH I knew how to play, someday I will start lessons too, it's one of those "something I want to do before I die" kinda thing.

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