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Hi Lynn, I am excited to explroe your site more. My 14month old son Kai has a gtube due to weight loss and poor appetite caused by an inoperable brain tumor/chemo. I have always been a pretty natural' type mom, still breastfeeding and I made all his baby food myself before he was diagnosed. I have struggled a LOT with the g-tube and formula. I am now determined to switch over to a real food blended diet for him. we have started slow and in only a few weeks I am seeing a great difference in his digestion and overall well being. It is moms like you that give me the hope that there is a better way! Thanks for sharing your experiences and information. I look forward to following your site!if you'd like to know more about Kai's story: keikikai.wordpress.comthanks, Kerri

Mel Baker

I have been interested in the Cradle of Harmony for some time. I am an amateur luthier in Costa Rica and would like to attempt to build one. In the photos I've seen it is not clear how the bent plates are kept in shape. I was unable to find the patent description on line. Could you, or someone who reads this, tell me if the ribs are kept straight or are they shaped to hold the curve of the plates.
Many thanks and congratulations on the fascinating design work on your instruments.


That was beautiful! I think you ALL did a GREAT job!I'm aiafrd my talents don't go far when it comes to music I do plan to teach myself guitar this summer though!Out of the Blue:jane

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